My project is to illustrate a relationship in nature that we often take for granted, that being pollination. I spent 15-20 hours per week this summer taking over 1,000 shots primarily with my Canon on a monopod to obtain my final 6 images. The importance of pollination is much greater than I first realized. Mankind could starve if all the pollinators vanished. Plants that depend on pollination account for approximately $40 billion worth of produce annually in the USA. Besides our dependence on food, they add immense beauty and joy by allowing flowers to bloom and decorate our world!

Photographer: Frank W. Yoder, MD

Three years ago I retired from dermatology and wanted a hobby. I love nature and the outdoors, so after 40-plus years of practicing medicine I decided to try photography.  I have recently taken classes and have improved to the point that it has become a passion. I find that I am happier with a camera in my hands.

Project Mentor: Ua Chamberlain