Spacious Skies

The idea for this project stemmed from my love of sunsets and expansive landscape scenes. Taking photos at sunset (or sunrise) produced challenges with exposure. To combat this I used High Dynamic Range (HDR) editing techniques because I love the endless potential that it has for creating images that can come close to what the eye sees. I learned a lot doing this project, like that we have very few good sunsets in Columbus, Ohio in December. I also learned that when it is cold a remote shutter release is a real help since it can be used easily with gloves. I chose the theme spacious skies based on the song “America the Beautiful”. Based on my experience America does indeed have beautiful spacious skies. It was wonderful to watch the sun and clouds create a view that changed minute by minute.


Photographer: Garry Wilcox

Garry Wilcox retired in 2013 after working 50 years as a traffic engineer, including 27 years of owning his own consulting business. His interest in photography started in the early 1970's, and was rekindled when digital photography became a real alternative to film. Garry loves digital photography because without the film and developing costs he can take thousands of photographs, giving him endless opportunities to learn and experiment.

Project Mentor: Ua Chamberlain