Autumn Kitchen

I love making and sharing food, and have always wanted to learn how to photograph my creations beyond a quick pic and Instagram filter. I explored styling, lighting, depth of field, shutter speeds and more during my mentorship, which is showcased in my final photos. All of the food subjects you see here were made from scratch by me (and also quickly consumed by me as soon as I put the camera down!).

Photographer: Jill Strominger

Jill Strominger is a self-taught and award-winning amateur chef who is currently featured on the show "Project Cook-off" on the Outdoor Cooking Channel. She enjoys using photography as a means to capture the love and creativity she puts into her original food creations. (It's also a great excuse for her to play with her food.) She contributes original recipes and photographs to Columbus-area publications 614 Magazine and Stock & Barrel. 

Project Mentor: Ua Chamberlain