Personal Projects 

A group of photographers began a 4 month long personal project with the support of professional photographer and instructor, Ua Chamberlain. Their goal was to create a portfolio of 6 exceptional images that best represented their project's concept.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the portfolios and to learn about the photographers and their projects!

Magnification of the Imagination - by Heather Marlin
Autumn Kitchen - by Jill Strominger
Art Deco Deconstructed - by Ria Waugh
Pollination - by Frank Yoder
Through Abstract Eyes - by Lisa Spring
Water, Motion, and Light - by Rob Shields
Spacious Skies - by Garry Wilcox
Studio Portrait Project - by Kishore Nadella
People Doing What People Do - by Anne Rathburn
Couples & the Covered Bridge - by Shawna Stambaugh
People and Objects of Significance - by Meredith Underhill
The Reflected Project - by Carol Hines
Light - by VBiehl