Water, Motion, and Light

In this project I wanted to capture the beautiful visual qualities of water, motion, and light as they exist in nature. It was important to me that the three different seasons was included to show the colorful transition from late Summer to Fall, then gently easing into Winter. I’m presenting the photographs as Diptychs (two photographs in one frame) to enhance the storytelling aspect of the work and to build continuity within the portfolio. Some of the Diptychs are from the same location, while others are from completely different photo outings. Through these photographs I want the viewer to explore the environments and see the relationship between water, motion, and light.

Photographer: Rob Shields 

Rob retired in 2006 from his job as an Executive Chef and after returning from a vacation to Yosemite in 2008 he realized that his photographs did not represent what Yosemite offered. Since then he has been working to improve his new found hobby. When he is not out making photographs Rob is training for his annual 150 mile Pelotonia Ride to raise money for cancer research.